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Driving the right prospects, partners, analysts to your website is difficult without creating an effective web marketing strategy. Our top-down approach begins with understanding your goals and messages, and those of your competitors. We work with your team to develop SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, and Google Adword campaigns. In addition to delivering more web traffic, you will also receive a Competitive Survey, SEO Site Audit, ongoing analysis, and reporting, empowering your staff to manage your website, or we will be happy to manage it for you over time.

Phase 1: Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

 •  Analyze the competition: leverage your strengths and minimize theirs
 •  Opportunities: identify ‘quick hit’ improvements for search engine optimization
 •  Threats: identify major obstacles or threats to achieving your web goals

Phase 2: Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

 •  Review and ensure you copy and keywords reflect your goals
 •  Review and ensure you are optimizing content effectiveness
 •  Recommend and implement keyword and content updates

Phase 3: Improve Your Relevancy and Ranking

 •  Target and register/reregister with major search engines
 •  Identify targeted industry directories, social networks
 •  Develop ‘link baits’ via blogs and internet columns

Phase 4: Generate Leads via Google Ad Word campaign

 •  Recommend and implement Ad Word strategy 
 •  Review weekly results and modify as needed
 •  Monitor effectiveness over time; modify campaign



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